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Case study: Showing agility in the face of complex situations

Case study: Showing agility in the face of complex situations

Context: BCMS had won the award to implement Yardi Voyager (a leading asset management software platform) across four nordic countries in a 24 month period). Previous implementation phases were successfully completed and we were now responsible for project managing the successful completion of the User acceptance testing (UAT) phase of the project.

Action: Having led the project through the previous successful stage gates BCMS understood the landscape of the project. Being able to organise and mobilise 6 stakeholder groups over Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark was the key competency on this project. As it was not feasible to conduct effective UAT workshops over one location, the decision was made to organise and facilitate an 8 week ‘road show’ that would oversee the UAT phase. This involved numerous negotiations with team leaders in order for them to realise the value of this phase and how the sessions were being conducted in order to make most efficient use of stakeholder time and have quality UAT sessions as the output. This also required strategic design of the programme so that session content addressed the initial requirements in order to obtain sign off and successful progression to the next phase.

Result: The outcome was that we submitted a proposal for the 8 week UAT session which was accepted. Circa 48 participants took part in over 80 individual workshop sessions over the period where the UAT phase was signed of which then went on to the next phase of the project.


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