All companies depend on technology for a large extent. Resource management software in real estate has evolved significantly in decades. Every company implements their own platform to keep track of their processes and resources. 

Integrating software solutions into your business is as important as choosing the right platforms. That’s why we constantly help our clients find the optimal solutions for their needs and goals. 

Assetsoft offers expert advice to companies planning to implement new software into their companies. From choosing to actively integrating these systems, we can help you make the most out of the best options in the industry.      

Everyday, Technology Takes One More Step

Technology evolves exponentially. Every year, new platforms and devices come into the market at faster rates than ever before. Technological improvements come faster than ever, and staying up-to-date is more important today than it ever was.

Ensuring your systems are optimal is more important today than it was yesterday. Tomorrow, it’ll be more important than it was today. That’s why we always make sure our clients are using nothing but the best solutions available.

On the other hand, we’ve helped so many clients because better platforms mean more features. More features mean more training and onboarding necessary to ensure your company makes the most out of your system.    

Upgrading Technology Requires More Than Choosing 

A common complaint we get from new clients is that they run the best software, yet they fail to see improvements in their operations. The most common issue we’ve seen in these cases is a common misconception.

Every tool is only as good as how you use it. It’s true for manual tools, money, and the latest ERP platforms like Yardi and MRI. Our technology selection advisory goes beyond merely finding the best systems for your company.

We actively work with our clients to make sure they’re using the best systems as best as they can.

Optimal Selection

The first step to implement new software into your company is knowing what you need. We can take our two most popular services for an example: Yardi and MRI.

Both platforms are at the top of the industry. They are perfect for optimizing your operations, and you can leverage their automation and management features to revolutionize your company.

However, not all companies have the same needs and methods. Different platforms cater different users, and we can help you find the one that better suits your goals

Data Migration

Migrating all data from your legacy system into the new one can be very tedious. You need to compile all your resources, prepare the new system, and review everything to make sure you don’t lose anything.

We’ve helped many clients migrate their data from different systems into the latest property management platforms available today. We can set up the new platform and ensure all data transfers efficiently.

All you need to do is verify there are no discrepancies between the two systems.

Onboarding & Training 

Even after your new platform is ready to use, things could still go wrong. You need to make sure your personnel knows how to use the system. We also need to consider the appropriate permissions and information access for every user.

Our system migration services cover every step after you’ve decided which platform you want to use. We train every user on how to use the necessary features. Assetsoft also configures permissions and security access for every user level.

Even after your system is up and running, we can provide active offshore support help desks.

It’s All About Opportunities

Staying updated on the technological industry and its evolution is about taking advantage of opportunities. Every improvement for your software is a direct improvement for your company. 

That’s why our technology advisory is among our most important services. We actively help our clients to optimize their processes via proper technological selection and integration. Even the most advanced software, like MRI and Yardi, are part of our standard service. 

We’d love to help you improve your company’s processes. Finding and integrating the best systems can make a world’s difference for your company’s efficiency.