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Case study: motivating teams

Case study: motivating teams

Context: The proposal of implementing a £4m ERP implementation was accepted and BCM had managed all stages of the project lifecycle, it was now time to implement and cutover where project stakeholders were reaching exhaustion through an 18 month implementation.

Action: Project fatigue was setting in with the main  stakeholders who were part of the project working group and effective planning was critical at this stage in order to be as efficient as possible. By designing the 10 day cut over plan, BCMS were then responsible for carrying this out to completion of the project. We advised the SLT that staff needed to be motivated to ensure the final hurdle could be completed and part of the implementation plan included a series of communications that delivered the WHY, what and reiterated the meaning of the project to the organization. 

This seemed to provide the lift that was needed to conduct the implementation phase. Rehearsal runs were pre organised to ensure staff had time to practice the routines that had been signed off in previous rounds and help BCMS carry out the final implementation and cut over plan.

Result: BCMS successfully oversaw and directed the implementation plan ahead of time and successfully completed the project.


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