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Archive May 5, 2023

Why we need your accounts

WHY WE NEED YOUR ACCOUNTS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS As a Private Investment Firm, we will aim to ask the accounts off-you for us to make an analysis on your company. We…

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Recent acquisitions

news and acquisitions Dragon Engineering Services Ltd has been acquired by Ingenieria Group, part of Opulentia Capital. The Exciting Acquisition: Dragon Engineering Services Ltd Joins The Ingenieria Group The Ingenieria…

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Post sale

What will happen to our company once we sell to Opulentia Capital? Our Vision: Building a Stronger Future Why fix something that isn't broken? That's the question we often ask…

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Testimonials By Sellers

What our customers say Genuine Seller Testimonials: Why Opulentia Capital Stands Out in the Business Acquisition Industry At Opulentia Capital, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to managing businesses…

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Selling to Opulentia capital

BENEFITS OF SELLING TO OR SEEKING INVESTMENT FROM OPULENTIA CAPITAL  The Unique Benefits of Partnering with Opulentia Capital: A True Entrepreneurial Perspective Entrepreneurs Turned Investors: At Opulentia Capital, we are…

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Case studies from Opulentia Capital

£51M/Year Acquisition of UK Salads Ltd - FOOD & BEVERAGE Opulentia Capital: Pioneering Growth in the Food & Beverage Industry with the £51M Acquisition of UK Salads Ltd Opulentia Capital…

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