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Post sale

Post sale

What will happen to our company once we sell to Opulentia Capital?

Our Vision: Building a Stronger Future

Why fix something that isn’t broken? That’s the question we often ask ourselves when approaching new business acquisitions and investments. However, we also recognize the importance of pursuing different results and driving growth. At Opulentia Capital, our focus is on making each business we acquire or invest in bigger and better, while keeping the essence of what makes it successful intact.

Post-Acquisition Expansion Plan

Once we’ve acquired a business, our first step is to engage in discussions with the management team to devise a comprehensive expansion plan. This plan involves identifying the best path for growth, which may include acquiring competitors, pursuing larger tenders, increasing purchase frequency from clients, and expanding our product and service offerings. Our aim is to boost the company’s top-line revenue and provide incentives for the team to excel.

Empowering the Management Team

While we bring the tools, resources, and capital to the table, we firmly believe in empowering and trusting the existing management team. They are the driving force behind the day-to-day operations, and we see our role as a facilitator, supporting them in taking the business to the next level. By working collaboratively with the team, we can achieve sustainable success.

The First 30 Days

During the initial 30 days after the acquisition, we understand the importance of allowing the dust to settle. As the principal owner, you will announce the change in ownership to the staff, ensuring transparency and addressing any concerns they may have. Our priority is to reassure employees about job security, dispel worries about cutbacks, and establish positive relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and partners. We take a calm and thoughtful approach, taking the time to understand the current staff, the business dynamics, and the company culture.

The Next 60 Days

Once the initial adjustment period is over, we delve deeper into understanding the key personnel and spend quality time with senior management, depending on the size of the organization. In collaboration with our HR Manager, Peter Lawrence, we conduct confidential surveys to gather feedback from employees. We strive to identify what is working well and what can be improved within the business. Based on the insights gained, we implement changes in infrastructure, provide enhanced support, offer regular training opportunities, and foster a positive work environment. Promotions and new hires are made to strengthen the team, resulting in improved productivity, increased revenue by 3%, a remarkable 194% profit growth, and enhanced staff retention and engagement.

The 90-Day Milestone

At the 90-day mark, we collaborate with the senior team to develop a budget that serves as a roadmap for measuring business growth. We analyze areas where sales, marketing, operations, IT, and finance can be improved. For instance, in the leisure business we previously invested in, we introduced new CRM and cloud-based accounting systems, transformed the service center from a paper-based to a digital system using iPads, and revitalized the website through substantial marketing investments. These initiatives have led to improved productivity, quicker completion of work, enhanced customer service, and increased brand visibility.

Six Months In and Beyond

After six months of acquiring the business, witnessing positive changes driven by internal leadership and feedback, we shift our focus to further acquisitions, increasing the top-line, and exploring new opportunities. We are committed to continuously strengthening the company’s position in the market and fostering sustainable growth.

At Opulentia Capital, we believe in building successful businesses while maintaining their core values and strengths. Our approach is collaborative, empowering, and focused on long-term success. Together with the management team, we strive to create a stronger future and seize new possibilities for growth.


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